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Kitsap Quilters

PO Box 714

Poulsbo, WA 98370

Kitsap Quilters was established to foster & encourage the art of quilting, both in its traditional approach and its contemporary adaptation, to bring together those who love the art form & to share the art form with the community.

September 23, 2014

Linda Tellesbo–

local certified instructor for Judy Neimeyer's technique

“Reaching Beyond Tradition with

Foundation paper Piecing”

Linda Tellesbo is a Judy Niemeyer Quilting Certified Instructor originally from Washington’s Skagit Valley. She has been interested in the arts from childhood, when for example she took oil painting lessons. She graduated from Central Washington State College in 1972 with a degree in Business Administration and in 1975 obtained her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license. In 1977 Linda went to work for GTE (now Verizon) and spent most of her 26 year career as a Finance Manager. While working fulltime, she furthered her education by earning an MBA degree at Seattle University in 1984.   

  She began quilting in 1989 with the purchase of a small quilt kit with hearts, followed by a class by many quilting courses to perfect her skills. Over time, her piecing skills led her to the completion of quilt after beautiful quilt.

  After retiring from Verizon in 2002, Linda began focusing on her quilting skils and purchased an A-1 Longarm Quilting Machine. With the free time that retirement provided, Linda also began piecing more complicated quilt patterns and experimenting with her own whole cloth quilt designs. Within a couple of years, Linda bought a six needle embroidery machine to embellish her quilting projects and continues to be on the look-out for new challenges. The longarm machine has allowed Linda to start a business called Dancing Threads. Through Dancing Threads, she completes quilting for customers, a long line of which have won ribbons at local quilt shows, helping her business grow considerably.

  Not only have her customer’s quilts won awards, but Linda has had numerous quilts of her own win prestigious awards in almost every major quilt show event in the Pacific Northwest Region. These events include the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilter’s Quiltfest, Quilters Anonymous, Block Party, and the Busy Bees shows. In 2010, she received the honor of being selected as the Featured Artist for the Quilter’s Anonymous show! Congratulations, Linda! In 2008, her quilts were also showcased at the LaConner Quilt Museum, where she was the featured artist.

In addition to making quilts for herself and completing numerous sewing projects for others, Linda has also been involved in the service side of the Quilting Industry through volunteer work as the Treasurer for Quilters Anonymous and for the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters. She volunteered to do the quilting on the 2009 Quilters Anonymous Raffle Quilt, which resulted in one of the highest money-making raffle quilts ever for the guild.

  Linda’s professional and artistic background undoubtedly gives her the skills necessary to effectively organize, promote, and communicate with prospective workshop coordinators, but also with her students. Prior to becoming an instructor, she had already organized a Judy Niemeyer group to meet at her home two times a month. At this group, she has transferred her extensive knowledge of Judy Niemeyer patterns to others in her area. She has attended four of Judy Niemeyer workshops and is certified to instruct sixteen patterns! Through her certification, she hopes to expand her area of influence, broaden her audience, and extend what she has to offer to more formal settings. She is also looking forward to being an extension of Judy, herself, by taking on teaching opportunities that Judy may not be able to accommodate on her own due to her every growing demand and busy schedule designing.

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